A Tale of Two Twins – A Star Wars Theory

Daisy Ridley as “Drey” in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (2019)

The following is a break down regarding the surrounding intrigue and ensuing theories as to who Dark Rey is. For the purposes of shorthand, I shall be referring to Dark Rey as Drey. Who is this Drey and where did she come from, and where has she been this whole time? Find out below with the following theories considered in my opinion from least likely to most likely to happen.

1. It’s All a Red Herring

It’s not uncommon for footage in trailers (or special looks) to include some interesting shots not in the theatrical cut come release time, but perhaps the biggest mistake Lucasfilm and Co. could make is including something as big as this and pulling it away from us entirely. To do this would be insane. For those who believe this may be the case, arguments suggest that this may perhaps be a marketing ploy to rouse the attention of both casual and hardcore fans to build intrigue and further discussion and speculation. Considering the sharp divisiveness of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, the question follows: how does one bring Star Wars back to the forefront of the conversation? How about dropping something as wild and unexpected as a red-lightsaber wielding Rey in Sith dark cloaks. If one light saber is not enough—then two! Hot damn! Seriously though, as possible as this may be–albeit slim, let’s hope this is not the case.

2. Drey is Rey

Talk about being catfished this whole time. I really don’t know how to explain this other than two things: 1) Rey is possessed, and 2) utter reckless abandonment of all previously held compassion and conviction. Ballsy? Yes. But revealing it so soon in the game? Just might be as bad as prematurely ejaculating in your pants.

3. Drey is a Force Vision

Force visions are a staple of the Star Wars universe heading warnings and laying mysteries yet to be resolved for our main characters. While the image of Rey as a Dark Sith Lord is as surprising as it is insane, the fact that this could be a force vision in disguise is highly plausible. Despite that, it all seems too obvious. While the former theory remains as wasteful and incredibly insulting as a false promise, this one seems all too plain and leaves little to be surprised upon seeing in a darkened movie theater. Big whoop.

4. Drey is a Clone

Bonkers? Yes. Out of the realm of possibility? No. Surprising? Yes and no. Depending on your knowledge of currently approved canon and previously expanded universe lore, clones are not unfamiliar to the Star Wars universe. Clones have been used to build armies a la the Grand Army of the Republic displayed in Attack of the Clones, and they have been previously made known to yield dark apprentices as in The Force Unleashed video game series. Would it behoof us to think that Drey is a clone? No, but like the dark force vision aforementioned, it would feel trite and simply set up another baddie with little to no personal stakes for Rey considering lack of investment or personal history. Unless, there’s much more to the story. If Drey is not Rey, not a mere copy cloned off of Rey, not the component of a dark vision, and not a fake creation for marketing and merchandising purposes, then who the hell is she?

5. Rey and Drey are Twins (Clone or Not)

Drey is Rey’s long-lost twin sister separated at a young age and kept hidden from sight until now. Let’s consider a few things first: it’s not a stretch to say that twins are no stranger to the Star Wars universe. Consider Luke and Leia, the two most famous twins at the center of the Star Wars saga. At the core, Star Wars has always been about characters embarking on a journey leading them through adventure and trial and revealing bits about self and their place among the stars. It’s also about family, and for Rey, that question has lingered with us all. The Last Jedi will make you think that she doesn’t belong to anyone worthy to note; and if she does, it is yet to be revealed.

As has been established in current canon, we now understand that the nefarious Sheev Palpatine conceived Anakin with the dark powers of the force in the virgin, Shmi. With Palpatine having alluded to his understanding of transcending death, it’s not hard to believe that Palpatine may be up for another repeat. And with what results? A pair of female twins: one groomed as an apprentice to an evil master while the other forced into exile and hidden from the Emperor by saving grace. This would not only call back upon themes of family, but it would be just as surprising. It would markedly add dramatic depth and complexity to her current struggle, and it would justify and satisfy those calling into question her most extraordinarily quick and powerful understanding and use of the force. If she is indeed a consequence of cloning, it could also play into further questions of family and what it means to be human. I think either of these is likely, and come December, I think it will be revealed as so.

What are your thoughts, and where do you side on the origin of Drey? Comment below and let me know! Make sure to follow or subscribe for more reviews and bits into movie hits.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is expected to arrive at a theater near you December 20, 2019.

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