Far From Home: Spider-Man, and the End of an Era

Tom Holland in Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019)

Some relationships simply just end. People do often change despite what some may believe. Even in those seemingly static relationships, times change and we can either change with it or fight against it. We’re entering into new eras all the time, and yesterday marks another key event for Hollywood and fans of Spider-Man alike. For now, it seems like all is lost; but then again, things can and do change.

When I first got news that Spider-Man may be leaving the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I was stunned. For someone like myself who has enjoyed (for the most part) the cinematic iterations of the wall-crawling, friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, yesterday’s news brought to mind the sober reality of breakups. I’ve had my fair share of breakups and disappointments in the past, and for those whom I have encountered in life whether personally or professionally, there’s one thing about break-ups that resonates as a hard truth: breakups are rarely ever easy. Relatively speaking, I’m referring to the emotional experience one goes through when breaking up. Sometimes pain is to be expected, and sometimes there is relief and cause for reinvigoration. There can be the dread of feeling lonely, while at times there’s a hope for freedom and opportunity. With the reported split between Marvel and Sony in their partnership to share Spider-Man with each other, many feelings arise not too far from the realities of our own similar experiences with breakups.

For me personally, I’m bummed. I like Tom Holland, and thus far I’ve enjoyed his take on the web-spinning hero since I first saw him leap onto the screen in 2016’s Civil War. For many who have followed the MCU’s Spider-Man, it’s a surprising turn of events considering how well-received and successful the partnership between Sony and Marvel has been. This is our third cinematic Spider-Man in the past two decades, and we have to at least consider the real possibility that we may be getting an all-new lead filling the role. Every one has a particular Spider-Man they revere more to than others, and for those who hold Tom Holland with a special place in their hearts, today is nothing but saddening.

As bummed as I am, and as uncertain as things can appear, I find myself holding onto the hope that both Sony and Marvel can come to a more amicable agreement that not only satisfies both parties involved, but gives the fans what they want. You don’t have to look hard to see that people are enjoying what is being offered thus far as Spider-Man and Co. continue to flourish and astound in popularity and profit. With some time, thoughtful consideration, and respect to the other, not only am I hoping that a mutual agreement is reached, but I’m rooting for everyone involved to have their fair share. Regardless of the outcome, I’ll be there as the show must go on.

What are your thoughts and feelings regarding the current situation with Spider-Man and his possible exit from the MCU? Please comment below, and be sure to subscribe and follow as the story continues to develop.

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